A neutral evening look for summer date nights, nights out, or events.

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Elizabeth Whitelaw
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We want to acknowledge that creating a look for the summer may feel strange when many of us aren’t sure when we’ll be able to return to normal life. Though it is hard to know when your clients will be able to return to your studio, we hope to enable you to continue to help women feel beautiful with your own makeup creation and Look kit, whether or not they’re enjoying a date night at home or out and about.


We encourage you to get creative for summer, while challenging yourself to stay within neutral tones. Remember your client during this process: she works hard and plays hard! This look is meant to be worn on a hot summer date night, out with friends, or at an evening event to pair with a cocktail dress. She is willing to put 15-20 minutes into this look, so make sure this is something she can achieve beautifully!

We are looking for looks that are best suited for a broad range of skin tones, so feel free to submit multiple looks! There will be 15 total winners with a breakdown of the following: The top 5 light skin tone looks, top 5 medium skin tone looks, and 5 deep skin tone looks.


  • Neutral color palettes;
  • Formulas that are long lasting and sweat resistant for those hot summer nights;
  • A foundation and application technique that is on the more sheer side, or can be buildable to your client’s taste;
  • Foundations and powders that can make skin look muddy should be avoided;
  • Bronzer is encouraged for a summer glow;
  • Foundations that will be suitable for both dry and/or oily skin types;
  • Primers, moisturizers, setting sprays, and other skin products are welcome in this challenge.


  • Example photos aren’t provided because we don’t want to limit your vision! Get as creative as you’d like, while remembering the guidelines above. If you aren’t sure about how you’re doing, ask the community for their feedback.
  • Listing a tutorial or product list is strictly prohibited. You will need to submit this information privately to the Brush Box Team after you are listed as a winner. Brush Box recognizes product names and tutorials as your intellectual property, and this information will be released to the customer only when they purchase your look through the Brush Box Marketplace. Failure to comply with this guideline will result in a deletion of your entry. Remember, your clients are willing to pay money to learn how to get your look!
  • Keep record of every product, shade, and brush used to create your look. If you are deemed a winner, you will need to provide this information to Brush Box in order to sell your look in the marketplace. This will be due within 7 days of the challenge winner announcement.
  • You will also need to provide a tutorial if your look is for sale in the marketplace. We recommend filming a tutorial as you create the look, but if you prefer to wait to see if you won the challenge, you can replicate the look on the same model at a later date. A tutorial is required to sell your look in the Brush Box marketplace, and will be due within 7 days of the challenge winner announcement.
  • Share with your network! Submissions with the most votes win, so ask your friends, family, and clients to vote for you and you’ll be a winner in no time!
  • Have fun! Show off your unique style, creativity, and vision. The Brush Box community is here to support you, cheer you on, and help you grow as an artist!

We hope you have fun, take risks, and be bold! Summer is right around the corner. This is your time to shine!

Submission limit: 10 looks per artist. Voting ends 5/22.


Brush Box is a makeup look marketplace that connects consumers with the world's best makeup artists. Independent artists sell their looks in the Brush Box marketplace, and consumers shop for these looks in the form of makeup look kits. Makeup artists provide Brush Box with the product list and tutorial, and Brush Box then shops on the consumer’s behalf to create an individualized look kit for the client to achieve that look at home. Brush Box charges a $20 styling fee for every look kit sold, and artists receive 6-10% of commission from their work.


The 15 most upvoted winning looks, as voted by consumers and artists, will receive their own collection (store) in the Brush Box Marketplace and ongoing commission of 10% of net sales of the look's styling fee.

One Grand Prize winner with the most upvotes of this challenge will earn the above PLUS a $500 cash prize.


  1. Create a Brush Box community account by clicking here
  2. Download the app on iOS or Android
  3. Create your profile, upload your profile picture, and don’t forget to fill out your details so the community can get to know you!
  4. Join the challenge by joining the group named “Summer Nude Glam.”
  5. Hit the “+” icon at the bottom to begin your submission.

a. Choose the image icon

b. Description requirements:

i. Title: This is where you name your look . Get creative!

ii. What’s the scoop: Provide a description of your look without naming products. The more details the better! You can Include:

1. What types of skin types the foundation is meant for (e.g. oily or dry)

2. The reasons why you chose each product, i.e., “I love the concealer because it won’t set in your wrinkles.” “The eyeshadow palette I used is my go-to for long lasting eye color!”

3. Beauty benefits and ethics (if applicable). e.g. “The foundation is non-comedogenic, and all the products I used are vegan, paraben-free and cruelty free.” Examples include:

a. Cruelty-Free

b. Organic

c. Vegan

d. Natural

e. Paraben-Free

f. Moisturizing

g. Anti-Aging

h. Non-Comedogenic

i. Sourced Ethically

6. Hit “Post” in the upper right corner.

7. Share your post with your friends, family, and clients in order to get more votes!

Example of photo requirements.
Credit: Alayza Casey (makeup) and Deon Casey (photography)

  • Provide high quality photos and strong lighting to help the community see your work at its best.
  • Crop the image so that the model is collarbone-up.
  • Model should be in front of a white (or light grey) background. 
  • The more angles, the better! We require a minimum of 2 angles: straight on and angled to the side. We welcome smiling photos to show off your look’s personality!
  • Filters can be used if it does not take away from the true color of the makeup used (see example image). We recommend no filters.
  • We require your main photo to be taken indoors with strong lighting, and we highly recommend providing additional photos with different lighting, including with ring lights and natural lighting outdoors. Sunset glows are welcome, too.


You're welcome to create the looks you want. We recognize your product knowledge and tutorials as your intellectual property. Our role is to enable you and to ensure your work, talent, and IP is preserved from beginning to end.

You'll find everything you need to know before you submit a look to Brush Box.

Join the Brush Box community, complete your profile, and upload your look.

Constructive Criticism Wanted (CCW) is welcome. Enjoy advice and feedback from the Brush Box community.

By voting for your favorite looks, you become a curator of the Brush Box marketplace.

Winners receive a platform for their work and an ongoing commission from your sales. Grand prize winners enjoy a cash prize.