Lookit FAQ

What is the idea behind Lookit?

Lookit is a personal stylist for your face! Choose a Look, and get a personalized makeup kit to help you achieve that look with a step-by-step tutorial!

  • Have you ever seen a celebrity and wished you knew what makeup she's wearing, how her makeup artist applied it, and which products she uses? Would you like every product delivered straight to your door?
  • Have you ever walked into a makeup department store and felt overwhelmed with how many products, shades, and brands there are to choose from?
  • Have you had trouble keeping up with the pace of a YouTube tutorial that is either going too fast or too slow?
  • Have you ever wished someone experienced with makeup could help you find the right makeup for you, without the big price tag?

We've shared these feelings about makeup, too, and that's why we created Lookit.

We're in the game to provide a more convenient, genuine, and truly personalized makeup experience. We want to change for the better the way you feel about how you makeup and empower you to own the day – without the hassle!

Why is it called Lookit by Brush Box?

We began our journey creating the world's first hands-free makeup experience using airbrush technology, called Brush Box. With a system patent-pending and in development, we look forward to the opportunity of providing this exciting technology to you soon. In the meantime, we want to expand our mission and create an easier makeup experience with makeup look kits, or Lookits.

How does it work?

    1. Choose your new Look. You can narrow down your search by skin tone, occasion, beauty preferences, and more.
    2. Choose your kit. Whether you just want the tutorial, or you’d like every product you need delivered right to you, we have you covered.
    3. Keep the products you want, send back the rest. Applicable to the Custom Kit & Starter bundle, you’ll pay a styling fee at the time of purchase. After receiving your products, simply pay for the products you’d like to keep, and send back the rest in a pre-paid envelope. We will charge your card on file for the products you decide to keep.
  • Enjoy your new look!
  • Is Lookit a beauty box?

    No. Lookit is a personal shopping service, similar to “Stitch Fix” for beauty.  You can choose a digital makeup kit to learn your look (Master Kit), or you can pay a small styling fee and pay for the products you want to keep after trying them at home (Custom Kit & Starter Bundle).

    How much does it cost?

    Each Lookit has a set price by the independent makeup artist. We then add on our fees to the Custom Kit & Starter Bundle in order to personally shop on your behalf.

    What brands can I expect from my kit?

    You can expect any brand under the sun in your Lookit! Depending on the makeup artist, he or she may choose name brands, drug store brands, or even luxury boutique brands at discounted, wholesale prices. 

    These brands can include, but are not limited to:

    1. YSL Beauty
    2. Clinique
    3. Fenty Beauty
    4. Glossier
    5. Giorgio Armani Beauty
    6. Hourglass
    7. NARS
    8. Urban Decay
    9. Make Up For Ever
    10. Smashbox
    11. BECCA
    12. Anastasia Beverly Hills
    13. NYX Professional Makeup
    14. MAC
    15. Kylie Cosmetics
    16. Kat Von D
    17. L’Oréal Paris
    18. Too Faced
    19. Maybelline
    20. ...and more!

    We shop on your behalf for products at retail prices and do not charge a markup on them.

    If you choose a Lookit created by Brush Box (rather than an independent makeup artist), you will see luxury boutique brands in your kit at a steeply discounted price thanks to our wholesale partnerships. These established, “up-and-coming” brands have cult followings — many you'll find on celebrities, professional makeup artists, and influencers. For example, your Lookit might feature concealer from Doll10 Cosmetics, or foundation from Cinema Secrets. Part of the fun of Brush Box is that we’ll introduce you to new brands and products that will bring diversity and freshness to your makeup routine!

    Where do you ship?

    We currently only ship to the U.S.A. 

    What is your return policy?

    We do not accept returns on our Master Kits due to their digital nature. However, the basis of our business is that we encourage you to try products at home and return the products you don’t want to keep. We prefer that you do not open products you do not intend on keeping before shipping them back to us, but we will accept all return for products in the Custom Kit & Startup Bundle. Styling fees are non-refundable but can be changed to another look if requested within 24 hours of purchase.

    How much commission does an artist make on Lookit?

    Makeup artists make 70% commission from the sales of their base price (Master Kits). If a customer chooses to buy a Custom Kit or Starter Bundle, the artist will only make commission from the base price, regardless of the total purchase price. The reason for our commission model is that any cost after the base price is a shopping service carried out by the Lookit Team and does not include the makeup artist.

    For specific inquiries, please email hello@mylookit.com.