Our Story

Our Story

The Brush Box story began one day at my bathroom vanity after a long day at work. I had just received an invitation from a friend to visit that night and sat in front of the mirror for minutes, debating the pros and cons of having to get ready. The idea of putting on makeup a second time that day sounded more like a hassle to me than it was worth. There were two options in front of me: I could either spend 20 minutes painting on products in order to look good enough to be out or stay home and miss out on life! If you’re like me, this is an inner battle you have more often than not.

Everything about makeup -- from choosing a product in the store, to applying makeup on a daily basis -- can feel like work. Even today, our makeup experience is the same work it has been for decades: brands sell bottles with pretty pictures on them and every woman is expected to take the time to research and identify the right ones for themselves from hundreds of options -- and then spend hours learning how to apply those products in order to create the Look they want. 

Without professional training, you’re left overwhelmed. That's when you sift through 40 minute YouTube tutorials, write down all the products you need, make a trip to the department store, and browse through tens, or even hundreds of brands, shades, and formulas in order to get the Look you want. For the average woman, this isn’t a fun or convenient experience. It’s taking time out of your day that you could be spending on school or work, with your kids and loved ones, or contributing your gift and talents to others.

That's why I wanted to create a world where technology enables an easier, faster, and more enjoyable makeup experience for women. I believe it’s time that we stop focusing on the product and start focusing on the end result – our Look! With easy steps online, you can not only find the Look that's perfect for you, but seamlessly create that look with the Brush Box Makeup Look Kit, including full-size products that magically appear on your doorstep -- and an easy-to-follow tutorial to guide you through each step, all in a few minutes.

We at Brush Box believe that your time, money, and make-up routine should be a rewarding, fun experience! Let us know if you agree!

With love,

Elizabeth Whitelaw
Brush Box, Founder

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