The Ultimate Guide to 2020 Spring Makeup Look Trends

The Ultimate Guide to 2020 Spring Makeup Look Trends

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Spring 2020 Makeup Trends: Out with the old, in with the new!

We’re on to a fresh start - to 2020 and a new decade! We’ll be seeing many changes in the beauty industry, trends, and ethics. The 2010’s were about becoming more conscious of the ingredients we put on our skin, and some brands began prioritizing inclusion, diversity, and honest advertising (thank you, Fenty!). Contouring and baking was introduced and became mainstream, thanks to celebrity makeup artists such as Mario Dedivanovic and Ariel Tejada (famous for their work and partnerships with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner), and thick eyebrows made their debut, to the detriment of many of us who destroyed our eyebrows via overplucking in the 2000’s. 

Whether or not we look back at our selfies from the 2010’s and cringe as we did for the previous decade, some of these trends (like clean beauty) are a welcome trend, which we can only hope doesn’t fade.

There’s often a pattern in fashion -- every 10 years or so, extremes in fashion, at opposite ends, take place. For example, while low-waisted jeans were all the rage in the 2000’s (remember Megan Fox in Transformers?), we saw high-waisted fashion make its mark in the 2010’s, just as they had in the 90’s. Our beauty experts at Brush Box also predict a similar flip in the beauty industry, and several other beauty leaders seem to agree with us. 

The first spring of the decade is right around the corner, and we’ll see some new trends start to sprout out of the beauty industry.

Here’s what makeup look trends to expect in Spring 2020.

Goodbye natural, hello pastel!

Glamour predicts we’ll see gemstone eyes and pastel eyeshadow make an appearance early in the decade. 

Source: Glamour

Elle suggests the 2020’s will be about putting the same “Instagram” aesthetic behind us. That means less emphasis on natural looks, and trading in your nudes for more fun and playful looks, including bright colors, bio-degradable glitter, and metallic pigments for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Neon and rainbow eyeshadow will be big this spring!

Source: Cosmopolitan

InStyle says, “expect to channel Euphoria makeup for all your dress-up events come the new year. We're talking neon eyeliner, artful, if random, under-eye embellishments, and all gold everything.”

Source: Cosmopolitan

White-winged eyeliner is replacing brown eyeliner for daytime looks...

Source: Cosmopolitan

...While glitter, smoky eyes are replacing matte evening eyeshadow, according to Cosmopolitan. Tip for metallic smoky eyes: wet your eyeshadow brush to pick up more pigment from your palette!

Source: Cosmopolitan

Lastly, throw your “eyes or lips” rule out the window. Vogue says color blocking, or wearing any color eyeshadow with any color lip, will be coming into play this spring. 


Source: Vogue / Getty Images

It sounds like color will begin to fill our makeup bags in the coming decade, as opposed to the nude looks we’ve come to know and love in the 2010’s.

How to make 2020 Spring makeup trends work for you:

We hear some of you ladies out there, cringing at the thought of wearing eye embellishments and neon eyeliner at home or work. Let’s translate runway makeup trends into a toned-down, real-life version for you busy women out there!

If a quicker, natural look is your style, our beauty experts agree that blush pink makeup (monochromatic pink looks for the eyes, cheeks, and lips) will be a trend for some time. By “draping,”  you can knock out two birds with one stone and use your blush for eyeshadow as well! Pair that with dewy foundation and light mascara and you’re good to go in 5 minutes.

Source: InStyle

Harpar’s Bazaar  also agrees that there’s still room for natural looks in the 2020’s. Where we had contouring and matte lips in the 2010’s, we’ll see “non-touring” (“no-makeup” makeup combined with strobing), dewy skin, glossy lips, and 90’s lip liner make their comebacks in the 2020’s. 

Source: Glamour

Ethical concerns to keep on your radar:

Lastly, we anticipate more emphasis on making beauty information more available and easily accessible to shoppers to make responsible beauty decisions. We’ve come a long way in the 2010’s, and while some beauty shopping sites are making beauty ingredients more available on their website, other websites still don’t offer information regarding how ingredients are sourced. This movement for green beauty, or sustainable beauty, is going to become ever more important as we move into the 2020’s. It will become just as important to list how and where beauty ingredients in our products are sourced as it is to know which ingredients are in our cosmetics. 

For example, palm oil is a very common ingredient used in cosmetics. However, some consumers have expressed concern of the possibility that sourcing palm oil has harmful effects on the environment and on labor workers, including deforestation and labor-abuse. Sustainable palm oil is on the rise, but there is still much work to be done. As consumers, it’s our responsibility to gather the right information in order to make smart buying decisions. In order to do so more easily, we hope to see more brands support sustainable cosmetics and provide further information about how their products are sourced in the new decade.

If sustainable beauty is a concern of yours, you can now indicate this in your Brush Box beauty profile and we will provide you with a collection of product recommendations that achieve these categories. Other beauty preferences can include anti-aging, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, organic, and more.  Let Brush Box research the best products for you as part of our beauty styling service!

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